Friday, 9 June 2017

GoTranscript Review as a Transcriber

I've had some experience with doing transcription jobs in the past and I thought it would be fun to review GoTranscript for others with transcription skills and a need for extra cash.

So, this is my GoTranscript review using Payoneer as a payment method, where I'll share a few tips and explain how it works.

I was introduced to GoTranscript a few weeks ago. In short, they're an an online-only transcription company that lets you work on transcription jobs from the comfort of your home. Living the dream, as they say.

Because it's remote transcription work only, you get paid every week through Payoneer or PayPal, whichever you prefer. All you really need is fast typing skills, good spelling and grammar, and a dash of patience. It isn't rocket science.

Are you a client looking for legit GoTranscript reviews? Because I have worked with them, I can personally vouch that GoTranscript is safe, trustworthy, and not a scam. Go ahead and sign up at the GoTranscript Client page. 

Review of What GoTranscript Offers You as a Transcriber

For anyone who has not done audio transcription before, GoTranscript makes it easy to get started and earn real money online right away. Here is a breakdown of the process from applying to earning to getting paid.

GoTranscript Review with Payoneer

How it works: First, you must sign up at with your email, username, and password. You will be granted a standard user account which looks similar to what the client sees. I was confused by this at first, but when you have confirmed your account you will be able to apply to become a transcriber.

The application process is simple and straightforward. You will be given a very short quiz with basic questions on the GoTranscript guidelines. Consider this an 'open book' test, because you are allowed (and encouraged) to read through the guidelines document at least once before answering any of the questions.

When you have completed the test - it's super easy - you will be asked to transcribe a short test piece of audio of around 2 minutes. This task is a bit harder and I assume that there are multiple test samples to prevent cheaters, so do not think you can cheat your way through.

If you are any good at using your ears, GoTranscript's test will be a breeze. Relax and do the best you can. Remember that you will be assessed on how well you follow the guidelines.

For example, if the speaker mentions the title of a book, movie, or play, you must type those words in Italics. Basic things like that may cause you to fail the test, so be careful.

When you have successfully passed the test, you may have to wait a few days to get on board. Be patient. For me, it only took 3 days to get approved. Yay!

What you get as a transcriber: Okay, so once you are approved, you will get access to the part of the GoTranscript site that lets you find transcription jobs, see your stats, and request your payments.

Here are a few cool things about the site and overall transcribing workflow:

  • A huge list of transcription jobs that are ready to be worked on. You just click "Make my Job" and it will be reserved for you. You have 6 hours to complete any job up to 10 minutes long. Most jobs will earn you $2 to $3 for 10 minutes of audio, but there are often higher paying jobs available.

  • An anonymized leaderboard that shows you how much money the top transcribers have made in the current week. Great for motivating yourself to work harder.

  • A web-based transcription tool that makes it easy to transcribe what you work on. It has all the features you need, like shortcut keys for Pause/Play (Esc), Rewind (F1), Forward (F2), and other handy text templates. You can also integrate any footpedal that is compatible with NCH Software's ExpressScribe.

  • YouTube previews of jobs so you can quickly decide if you want to take it or not.

  • Editor ratings and comments about how you did on each job. After every finished job, you can see exactly what your editor changed in your original transcription. This is very useful for improvement.

  • Helpful admin comments to ensure that you know the client's particular requirements. They will often tell you the names or terms used, which helps to get them right in the transcription.

Despite all these features, one of the top reasons I enjoy working online at GoTranscript is that the editors who've handled my work have been both kind and supportive. This is important because both beginners and experts tend to give up rather than improve if subjected to unfair criticism.

Do you have what it takes to be a good transcriber and keep the editors happy?

Then you should sign up as a transcriber now.  

If you're not that good at first, keep trying and you will improve. Time-wise, if it takes you more than 3 hours to finish a 10 minute recording, flex those fingers and start building your typing speed immediately. 

Tip: An excellent online game to increase typing speed is TypeRacer. I improved my typing speed from 60 WPM up to 90-100 WPM after playing TypeRacer for a while. It helps.

How do GoTranscript's Payoneer Payments Work? is an international transcription company and pay you every week, reliably. You can live in any country in the world and work with GoTranscript: Philippines, Kenya, Australia, USA, UK, Canada, wherever you are. For countries without local PayPal withdrawal options, GoTranscript offers Payoneer as a payment method. 

For this GoTranscript review, I used Payoneer as my payment method and the process is simple. Once you have earned a few dollars (or a lot of dollars, depending on how fast you work) you will have the option to request payment on Fridays for all work completed.

To get paid by GoTranscript with Payoneer, you will need to have the Global Payment Service feature activated. This is usually not enabled by default, so you might have to contact Payoneer to have the feature approved for your account.

You will be able to withdraw earnings for every job that has been rated by an editor. This can take a few days, so the sooner in the week you complete your work, the quicker your funds will be available to withdraw.

Withdrawing is simply a matter of setting your Payment Method to "Payoneer" in your GoTranscript account settings. When you're ready to get paid, you just send GoTranscript a Global Payment request using the form provided by Payoneer. Done.